What happens when you find your life’s true purpose

By Venus Souls

Is there anything more evasive than finding your life purpose? Your raison d’être? The thing that sets your soul on fire?

I’m sorry to disappoint you but it really isn’t at all. In fact it has made itself known to you for a very long time. You’ve just not been paying attention. And here’s why.

When we arrive, we are bombarded by expectations: our parents expect us to follow a certain route that’s been tried and tested; its success rate is irrelevant, what matters is security. Society expects us to follow the rules: go to school, do well, GCSEs matter; do what you need to do so you could afford to do what you want to do later on(false dichotomy, by the way). Cultural expectations are best of all: exercise your personal preferences at your own peril. Conformity is best for all. And so on…

So begins our journey where the map has been defaced, altered, burnt and stuck together with questionable glue and we’re on our way to hell where the road has been paved with everyone’s expectations and good intentions. Except the map no longer represents who we are and it’s taking us further and further away from our true north… 

But the soul wants what it wants. It knows what it wants and it will not stop until it finds it. Anyone who has lived a fulfilled life will tell you this.

As it turns out, there are no less than 1001 ways to find your life purpose and all roads lead to Rome. You’ve just not been paying attention.

The truth is, only once you’ve found it will you be able to look back at all the clues the Universe has been dropping on you and say to yourself: Oh! I see what you did there. Smooth. But when you identify as multi-passioned like myself and many others and you’re very good at all the things you’re passionate about, you start to wonder if all the gods and demigods are standing on mount Olympus looking down upon you and wetting themselves with laughter and the tizzy you’d gotten yourself into.

The first hint I could remember was dropped on me when I was at the fragile age of 4. I could barely write but I loved listening to hymns and prayers set to music. I remember holding a notebook and writing rhyming couplets about how magical the universe seemed to my eyes back then. When I couldn’t spell a word I simply scribbled because that’s what my father’s handwriting looked to me at the time: scribbles and magic spells. I remember it vividly because in that moment I was wholly and completely present to myself.

Lesson number 1: Vivid memories are often the result of being present in a moment. They capsulate our focus, the tuning into a particular, meaningful emotion and the meaning is memorable because we felt it at a level that is deeper than other moments in our lives. So deep, we may have danced a little dance or squealed with joy or moved in a way that expressed the bliss we felt at the time. Those vivid memories are our breadcrumbs towards destiny.

Reflecting back on this memory, and for a long time, I thought my purpose or passion was to become a writer. So I decided I wanted to study journalism at university. It didn’t happen. I studied to become a teacher instead.

Lesson number 2: When things don’t happen, that’s also a breadcrumb.

So much has happened since and none of it has been coincidental nor futile. It all brought me to my destined path full circle. Every detour, every ‘mistake’, every ‘coincidence’, every serendipity.

Fast forward to the time I decided to study Astrology (remember: multi-passioned). Among a million other things which I still find incredibly fascinating is that when we are born, there are four lines for each planet, reflecting the four 90° angles within a circle. This axis reflects the four cardinal points in astrology. One of those lines is called Midheaven which points towards our purpose in life. Depending on which zodiac sign and house it crosses, you can layer the meanings to find out what it is that you are destined to give during your stay on earth, particularly when it comes to career aspirations. Mine so happened to indicate that my life purpose is to serve others; to put a stake in the ground for my tribe and to empower them. In fact, my entire natal chart screams in that direction. It explained to me why I had no interest in other areas in life which for others seemed to be crucial. In short, I’m a unicorn who loves to serve people. 

Although that was in no way sufficient information, it was the sign I had been looking for (remember: no coincidences). I knew that my soul lit brightest when I helped others, and I do not mean helped them with their homework; I mean helped them find their way in life: their greatest selves. When I coached a 13 year old to find her shy voice and run in speech competitions until she eventually became a youth member of British parliament: my soul was on fire. When I empowered friends to stand up for themselves or seek what they wanted at home, at work, or in their relationships: my soul was on fire.

The best day of my life was the day I discovered Strategic Intervention Coaching School. I signed up, graduated and never looked back again.

Your purpose, like your soul, has always been there. You’ve just not been paying attention. You’ve been disconnected and not listening. When you do listen, you will feel wholesome. Things will just fall into place. Past, present and future will make sense because they’ll be in harmony. You will feel joy in every moment you are exercising your purpose. Even when there are moments of fear or failure, you will trust that it is but a lesson to improve and develop to better fulfil that purpose.

Pablo Picasso once said: “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

I remember the last time I went on a ‘soul searching’ journey. I chose to go to Barcelona because the last time I had visited, I had fallen in love with the art scene and had felt so much peace in the Segrada Familia. I went with the intention of finding my soul amidst the art that lit my soul. The life altering happenings of that journey will be stories for many separate blogposts to come (think mugging, chasing muggers, broke and alone in a foreign city with no money or food, calling off a marital engagement, cancelled flights… great stuff!) but the most important lesson I learnt in those four days was this:

Lesson number 3: Your soul is waiting for you within; not without. Also, everything happens for a reasons. EVERYTHING!

Admittedly, it was only after speaking to God/Universe/Allah/Yaweh – or the word I use affectionately: Magick – in the Segrada Familia, while on my knees and tears overflowing to the wild amusement of many, many tourists (high season), the voice that spoke back to me said that what I had been seeking had never left my side. That I never needed to go anywhere; it was always right within me.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

Pablo Picasso 

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. I felt quite sheepish, to be honest. Of course my soul is right with me. Where else would it be! But how often do we feel so out of touch with our selves that we feel the need to go somewhere so far away in order to disconnect with our surroundings and reconnect with ourselves once more. It oughtn’t be this way (in my next post, I shall share with you 3 most effective ways to reconnect with your authentic self that won’t cost you a penny).

It felt like I had been looking for my phone while holding it to my ear, complaining to my best friend that I had no idea where I had put it while my panic was slowly rising. It’s only when you ask your friend to give you a missed call that you realise how silly you’ve been.


What I love about Strategic Intervention Coaching is that it’s fundamentally about connecting the client with their authentic self. It is only from there that you become the person you know you’re capable of becoming: your extraordinary, magical self. The self that is capable of so much love and abundance. A self that is limitless in its resilience and resourcefulness that no vision of the future is too big or too difficult. It’s simply destiny.

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