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Unleash Your Inner Warrior

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Connect with your authentic self...

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Unleash the Warrior Within Retreat


It is time you took control of your thoughts and cleansed your mind from the negative thoughts that have paralysed and held you back for so long. The time has come to cultivate only the thoughts that serve you and only the thoughts that enrich your life and being. Get ready to transform your way of thinking as if you've been given a new set of eyes.


Our relationship with our bodies is the trickiest one of all. One day we like what we see in the mirror, the next we can't stand our image. But the Warrior Queen is the one who wields her body to her will; not the other way round. Learn the tools and techniques that help you foster a compassionate, caring and disciplined relationship with your body.


Where has the voice of your intuition gone? Don't worry, we've found it! It's at our retreat waiting for you. Learn how to cleanse your heart and make it more recipient to the calls and signs the Universe generously leaves for you like breadcrumbs to guide you towards your dreams and life purpose.


Have you ever said to yourself: I need to go find myself? Only to realise that it was with you all along? At the retreat, you will grow within yourself and reconnect with the most important part of your being: your soul. And you will learn how to never lose or misplace it again!

So who is this Venus, chick?

Venus is my soul name (which was whispered to me by the magical universe one full-mooned night) and I am a multi-passionated entrepreneur who is insatiably curious about the human potential and the anatomy of the human soul. All my life I have obsessed over one question: how do we – particularly those who have not been blessed with the lucky sperm – become fulfilled human beings? And since I’m a strong believer in the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, how do we maximise this experience and use it for the betterment of the entire world?

My entire life, I have pretty much stayed the course of not staying on one course. Passionate and inquisitive by nature, I never did things in halves. When I went in, I went ALL in. Some of the multitude of things I’ve delved into and still continue to include: writing (fiction and non-ficiton), Autism awareness, personal development, mythology, theology, transpersonal psychology, Jungian Psychology, astrology, photography, oil painting, graphic designing, entrepreneurship, beauty and fitness just to name a few.

After several failed attempts at trying to be just one thing in life and focussing on that, I realised that I am simply not made that way and that was a testament to my creativity and malleability. 

I slowly built this empowerment business (yes, I prefer to call it that) while I was working full time, raising two wonderful sons on my own and working on my masters then PhD (overachievers, wave at me!).

So from the classrooms and corridors of high schools, private, public and international, to newsroom studios, to Swedish parliaments where I’ve strut and put my sass on, here I am proving once and for all that good girls are meant to break rules and make Herstory.

this is me and I have lived a life powered by the belief that I was free. Free to dream, do and achieve anything I set my mind to. I’ve converted others along the way, too: if we could perceive it, we could make it happen and there should be no limit to the things we want to learn and achieve. 

But I realised that some did not receive this memo and this bothered me greatly. It bothered me because there are incredible human beings out there who do not realise the magic in their possession and the world is a place less magical for it. 

And this is why I am here. I am here to serve you until you feel safe and confident enough to release your magic. I have built this platform on a bedrock of love and an unwavering belief in the collective good that could be achieved with a lot of hard work and commitment. I am here to help you make the change you’ve been craving for years. To help you build that life that seems like an impossible dream right now until it’s not. 

Wherever in life you may be right now… whether you’re starting or starting again. Whether you know what you want or don’t have a clue, I’m here to help you discover the limitlessness of your potential and your inner powers and capabilities that will help you achieve the fulfilling life you know you deserve.

About Venus Souls

Mama, CEO, Entrepreneur, Writer, Artist, Warrior Trainer, creative genius

Graduate Warriors' Reviews

Venus will empower you. She will inject you with so much self belief and truth about yourself that you will come out and do things and say things you have never dreamed you could say or do! She will bring your fire back to life. And best of all she'll do it with so much love, laughter and loyalty. I am a proud Amazonian Queen Warrior.
Sam Toman
I've known Venus for years and I've witnessed first-hand how she empowers women of all ages. She has a natural ability in recreating herself after difficult and challenging times and her gift to others is showing them how it's done. That's her purpose in life. And she does it with so much humour, love and integrity.
Louise Vaamonde
Venus is my role model. She has mentored me into becoming more confident within myself and with others. With so much kindness and empathy throughout her training and sharing so much of her experience with us, I feel so lucky to have learnt so much and grown under her mentorship. I owe my new positive well-being to her kindred spirit.
Afia Asim

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There Is Someone We Would Love For You to Meet

And we know you will fall in love with her the way you’ve always wanted to fall in love with yourself.

She has so much to give and we cannot wait to see how she transforms herself and her world!

A Day Like No Other

Never again will you feel sentenced to an unknown future or that life is happening to you rather than for you. Never again will your can’t muscle be stronger than your can. Never again will your alibis be louder than your whys. 

But be warned: the effects of this retreat will not be temporary. Come join your tribe and let us give you the hows that will stay with you forever.

As if changing your life for the best isn't enough, I still want to give you more!

  • Personalised gifts on arrival.
  • Access to a secret Facebook group where there will be further weekly live webinars to keep you motivated and on track. Not to mention you’ll be connecting with a group of THE MOST AWESOME WOMEN ON THE PLANET!
  • Venus’ new ebook titled Breathe, Write, Create for FREE once you’ve booked your place on the retreat.
  • A FREE copy of Venus’ ultimate handbook that includes all the tools and exercises to reinforce the skills attained at the retreat and MORE!
  • A weekly newsletter FULL of tools and resources to help you expand your life, your business, your relationships and give you plenty of wise nuggets along the way
  • And for a limited time only: a choice of THREE HOURS in-person or online 1:1 BUSINESS COACHING SESSION WORTH £1000 with Venus! *Offer valid for 6 months


You Promised to Make 2019 Your Year!

This one-day retreat is the apex. It is what stands between you and a successful, fulfilled, abundant life.


It starts here, the right way. Join our retreat and start building the life you’ve always wanted. The wealth you’ve always dreamed of. The love life you’ve always longed for. 

Become the best version of you there ever could be TODAY! 

One Day Retreat

Saturday 29 June 2019 9.30am -6.30pm

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