As with the last module’s assignments, the assignments here are also split into 3 sections. It is vital that you incorporate these into your daily routines and continue to work on the previous assignments, too.

Let’s Go!

As with the previous assignment, I would like you to complete these sentences with at least 6 stems (you can do more) for at least 5 days, morning and evening:


Self-acceptance to me means –

If I am more accepting of my body – 

When I deny and disown my body – 

If I am more accepting of my conflicts –


When I deny or disown my conflicts –

If I am more accepting of my feelings – 

When I deny and disown my feelings –

If I am more accepting of my thoughts –

When I deny and disown my thoughts –

To most of you this exercise is going to be the most challenging. I say this not to put you off, but to make you realise that you are one among millions who feel exactly the same way about their body. Negative self image and dysmorphia is among the most common difficulties that people deal with on a daily basis. Which is why this exercise is so important. 

Aim to do this exercise every morning. Start doing it for 1 minute then increase it everyday by 30 seconds.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at your face and body. Notice your feelings as you do so. Notice if this is difficult or makes you uncomfortable. You may notice some parts difficult to look at for long because they agitate or displease you. Stay with it and get curious about the sensations that are arising within you. 

Notice if and when there is an impulse to escape and flee from awareness, or to reject what you see or disown some aspects of yourself. When this feeling arises, I ask you to stay focussed on yourself a few minutes longer and say in an audible voice: “Whatever my defects or imperfections, I accept myself unreservedly and completely.”

You may find yourself protesting this statement. Remember that accepting does not mean liking. It does not mean imagining room for improvement. It just means experiencing. In this case, it means looking in the mirror and accepting that the face and body in the mirror are your face and body and that they are what they are. 

This is how you respect reality.

Your spiritual assignments for this module consists of noticing, breathing and affirming. 

Listen to Your Feelings

Allow yourself to experience an emotion that makes you feel uncomfortable. When you immerse yourself in that emotion, do the following:

Focus on the feeling or emotion.

breathe gently and deeply, allowing muscles to relax, allowing the feeling to be felt, make real that this is your feeling. Own it. Acknowledge it and say: “I bless you. I accept you. I welcome you. I welcome the messages you are bringing me. I accept that it is what is so.”


I would also like you to use affirmations in your meditation if you don’t already do so. Here are some carefully formulated suggestions designed to expand your energy:

What if I accepted feeling – 

What if I accepted ____ (name a body part that you dislike)

What if I accepted ____ (name an emotion/thought/behaviour that you are struggling to accept)

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I accept _______.

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