Your assignments are designed for you to work on 3 levels

1. The Mind Level

2. The Body Level

3. The Soul Level

It is important that you address all three levels in each module. Focussing on one or two levels only will not create the impact you wish to achieve. 

Sentence Completion

This activity is designed to tap into your natural yet hidden resources. This is the segment concerned with your mind. Here are the rules:

  1. complete the sentences as rapidly as possible. No pauses and do not think. Any ending is fine! Just keep going!
  2. do this first thing every morning for a week then write down your reflections on how it affected your consciousness.
  3. aim for at least 6 endings for each sentence stem.
  4. You can start with 5% more consciousness and build up gradually as you bring more awareness into your day and your needs. No one can be 100% aware 100% of the time, but one can reach for the moon and hit the stars!

The idea behind this activity is to focus the degree and the quality of your consciousness on your daily activities which you are likely to do unconsciously. 

  • Living consciously to me means…

  • If I bring 5% more awareness to my activities today…

  • If I pay more attention to how I deal with people today…

  • If I bring 5% more awareness to my most important relationships…

  • If I bring 5% more awareness to (fill in with a particular problem you are concerned about – for example, your relationship with someone, or a barrier you’ve hit at work, or your feelings of anxiety or depression…)…

When you have finished, proceed with your day’s business. At the end of the day, do six to ten endings for each of the following stems:

  • When I reflect on how I would feel if I lived more consciously…

  • When I reflect on what happens when I bring 5% more awareness to my activities…

  • When I reflect on what happens when I bring 5% more awareness to my most important relationships…

  • When I reflect on what happens when I bring 5% more awareness to (whatever you’ve filled in in the previous section)…

Do this exercise every day, Monday through Friday for the first week. Don’t read what you wrote the day before. It’s perfectly OK to repeat yourself. Each weekend, look back at what you wrote and then write a minimum of 6 endings for this stem:

If any of what I wrote this week is true, it would be helpful if…

The body is the extension of the mind. However, 10% of traumas live in your mind where 90% live in your body. To free your mind you must first free your body – not the other way round like most people think. 

Like me, you may find that your breathing is restricted and muscles are contracted and that this feels like ‘normal’. Trauma begins as psychological and then becomes somaticised. Breathing may be habitually shallow and the muscles are contracted so that the flow of feeling is obstructed and consciousness is diminished accordingly. The more energy you release from your body, the more aware and conscious you become. Body work can liberate blocked consciousness. 

You may already have a physical routine that you incorporate into your everyday but I will put some suggestions here for you to either try something new or different:

  1. If you do not already meditate, then you are missing out on the most vital activity of your day. A good meditation practice is one that is regular and consistent even if it is brief. Focus on your breathing. Count your breath in and out up to 3, or 4, or 5. There are many recommended apps to help you get started like Calm or Headspace or Insight Timer (my personal favourite). Find a meditation that is right for you and stick to this beautiful, life changing practice.
  2. Yoga 
  3. A fitness program whether it is weight training or cardio or even just walking! You can bring consciousness to any of these activities and they will enhance your consciousness, too.
  4. Breathing exercises – google or youtube examples if you are not sure how to do these.
  5. Massages and rolfing are also highly recommended however you will need someone else to perform this on you.

I cannot emphasise how important it is to focus on the soul when we are working on enhancing our self-love. Whether you wish to call it soul, spirit, subconscious, etc. and whether you see yourself as connected to a God, a source, the Universe, the matrix, etc… It’s all relative and universal. We will not quibble over terms or labels but we will meet in the space where we see the common theme that unites our humanity and our consciousness.

What is damaged at the mind and physical level can only be healed at the spiritual level. You won’t read this in scientific textbooks, of course, despite the widespread and overwhelming evidence.

Seeing yourself as an ethereal being; a spiritual being having a human experience, requires you to get curious as to what gets your soul excited. You are here, after all, to ENJOY this earthly experience.


So what is it that you enjoy doing? What puts you in a state of bliss? What makes you lose track of time and place? What drives you? What is the ‘why’ behind your actions? These are questions for you to dive deep into and try to figure out. These aren’t questions you can answer in a day or two. They are lifelong inquiries. The answers may change but the core will stay the same. 

The best time to dive in and search for answers is after a beautiful meditation for it is in those moments that you are closest to your soul and your intuition is more awake and connected. 

Your soul wants you to breathe love. Your soul wants you to love your experience. Ask yourself, what do I love? What would bring me more joy today? What would make me love myself more today? 

And do it! That’s your assignment. 

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