This fundamental step shows up everywhere in our lives. It is the difference between feeling empowered and disempowered. A quick evaluation of your life will give you an idea of the areas of your life where you feel you are in control of the outcomes and you are achieving your goals. Those areas are where you are practising responsibility. Where you are lacking control and/or feeling disempowered, those are the areas where you are not taking responsibility.

Taking responsibility is essential for self love. It is the affirmation you give yourself that you are a competent human bring worthy of happiness and capable of achieving your goals. 

The more you are able to take responsibility, the more you are able to trust and love yourself.

The truth is this sense of responsibility does not come naturally to all of us. Some us have been through so much pain that our inner child still craves the love and safety we were deprived of as children. This is why so many of us THRIVE when we seek coaching because the extra help, insight, guidance and accountability is usually all we need to enable us to take more responsibility for our lives.

Responsibility in Action

You are responsible for achieving your desires. No one – not your parents, not your partner, not your children, not anyone – owes you the fulfilment of your wishes. This ranges from going to get your own glass of water from the kitchen to requesting a meeting with your boss to discuss a pay raise.

It is your responsibility to create and implement an action plan towards your goals, knowing what is required of you to achieve those goals and be conscious and respectful of the self-interests of the people you need to approach and seek their help.

You are responsible for the level of consciousness you bring to your relationships. 

Ask yourself: Am I fully present in my encounters with others? Do I listen and give space for people to speak or am I more obsessed with my own voice and ideas?

Many of my clients think they do but they couldn’t be more oblivious to the fact that they’re not. Mainly because they don’t know what being present and being a great listener looks like. 

One of the things I’m most proud of offering my clients as part of their Love Map™️ journey is a deep dive into the world of communication. I created House of Venus to be about everything love, joy, abundance and wealth – none of these could be achieved without a sound foundation into what it means to communicate effectively. 

Communication = Love. It is that simple and that complicated. The quality of communication highlights to those around you the kind of person you are being and how likely they are to trust you. When you take your Love Map™️ journey with me, I guide you to creating a way of being that breaks through the barriers between yourself and those around you with authenticity and integrity.

Ask me how here.

You are responsible for how you manage your time. 

This is a tough one because if you don’t have self-love, then your time is for everyone else and not for you. Your days are full of things you feel obliged to do for others with very little time or energy to spend on anything you wish to accomplish. 

How you invest your time and energy (your life, basically) is a direct reflection of how much you love and accept yourself. It is the difference between creating the results you wish to see in your life and living with excuses as to why you haven’t achieved them. 

We all have the exact number of minutes and hours each day we are here. It all comes down to the choices we make within those minutes and hours and how we strategise our actions to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. 

Finally, you are responsible for your own happiness. If you are unhappy and have been blaming it on others or on circumstances, stop it. Stop it now. The truth is, it has always been your responsibility.

If you’re not happy with a particular situations, change it.

If you’re not happy in your relationship, do something about it.

Not taking responsibility and effectively taking no action towards your happiness means that you will feel disempowered, unfree and could potentially develop mental health issues as a response to your toxic environment.

As someone who had suffered chronically from not taking responsibility and had developed various mental health issues as a result, I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to heal your inner child who has been in control of you all these years. At House of Venus, we do not ignore the messages our inner child sends us through emotions and resistances that impede our progress. We go back and explore and understand and listen and heal. It is only through healing the traumas of our inner child are we then able to create the most magnificent possibilities for our lives and achieve true happiness, love, joy, abundance and wealth. 

Neale Donald Walsh, author of Conversations with God, said: “To become the Grandest Version and the Greatest Vision of yourself” … this is truly the state that we thrive for. 

You know there is work to do and you owe it to your life force to do it.

If you are ready to do this work, and if you haven’t already, then please get in touch right away. This is arguably the only work worth doing because everything else that’s worthwhile comes as a result of this work

Congratulations on completing Step Three of the course!

Here are your assignments for this module.

In the next module, we will learn about the number one step that is the key to how you can live your life whole-heartedly.

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