Rise of the Goddess

Soul Sister, Mother Nurturer, Daughter of the Moon and Stars: come and delve with us into the origins of life, creation and evolution in the cradle of all civilisations. Here and in the heart of Spring where all of Earth will sing a new birth, we will align ourselves with the Goddesses of the Earth and rise with them. 

This is no ordinary journey and it is not for an ordinary soul. It is a journey to be taken by the courageous among us who are ready to let their old selves die and be reborn anew. 

We have teamed up with Minerva Travel Group in Egypt and will journey through 5 cities in 14 days and immerse in the elements of water, fire, wind and earth to create the magical transformation we aspire to and deserve. Experience transformational breakthroughs, a-ha! moments, extraordinary moments of awe that will stimulate change; investigate the transformative potential of pain, struggle, hitting bottom and post-traumatic growth; delve into stories, symbols and metaphors of transformation; and map your own lifelong journey of change. We will also examine how people can get stuck or lost, and how to shake free from periods of inertia or patterns that prevent them from moving forward. All this and more while we journey through the land of magic and transformation: Egypt. 

There is no change without a spiritual shift. There can be no spiritual shift without making the unconscious conscious. Hence why we are putting together this unique once in a lifetime experience that will expedite this transformation for you.

A Spiritual Journey Awaits you...

Conscious Manifestation, Daily Yoga & Meditation

Under the careful guidance of Venus and Noelani, you will:

  • Practise daily meditation, visualisation, affirmations to centre and align yourself with your highest being
  • You will learn how to consciously manifest your heart’s desire
  • Daily yoga practise to align your mind, body and soul to your highest purpose

The Rise of the Goddess Mastermind

For three days, you will take part in a transformational seminar where you will be coached by Venus Souls, certified and trained by Tony Robbins, Werner Erhard, Marcia Martin and others.  

  • You will release yourself from old paradigms and learn what is possible for you. You will create new possibilities for yourself and others.
  • You will be a force of nature, someone who makes things happen and go beyond what you currently see is possible for yourself and your life. You will make a profound difference in the world.
  • You will design and create a life that is meaningful to you and to others. 
  • You will be someone who leads the way in creating a new paradigm for what it means to be human.
  • You will be forever altered in who you know yourself to be and what you are capable of everywhere in life.


A Private 2-Hour Meditation in Karnak Temple

For our unique guests only, we have secured a private time for us to practise our meditation, visualisation and affirmations in the heart of Karnak Temple where the gods and goddesses roamed. 

Ho'oponopono Ceremony

Venus and Noelani will guide you into the magical world of Ho’opnopono. Get in touch with your psychic mind, heal your wounds and traumas. Let go of the past so that you could catch the future in your grasp. 



Sound Therapy, Music, Ecstatic Dance

Your body is the extension of your mind and your mind feeds your body and your soul nourishes both. Learn how to free yourself from all the blocks that have been holding you back and release all the negative energies from your body chakras and align yourself with mother nature’s natural rhyme and rhythm. 


The Goddess' Calling

Did we mention this was no ordinary retreat? It isn’t. You will transform, you will rest, you will create and you will also join us on an adventure to hear the sounds of your calling telling you the secrets you’ve been longing to learn. We will venture through time and history in a place so rich with both. When they built their temples, the ancient Egyptians knew they were casting a spell on the world for all eternity. It’s time for you to get a piece of that magic.

And Relax...

We will venture through the desert, climb mountains, bury our skin in therapeutic sands, sit around a campfire and talk to the stars. Spatreatments will also be available in our 5* hotel stays at an extra cost. 


About your Retreat Leaders

What's On the Program

Upon arrival in Cairo you will be met by a representative from our ground operator and your tour guide who will travel with you throughout your journey of Egypt. You will be taken to your 5* hotel in Giza. There will be time for rest and relax before your welcome dinner in the hotel restaurant that evening. 

We will step into Egypt’s ancient past at the Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. We will wander through the dusty halls and corridors of this museum and step back in time amidst the treasures the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt left behind for us to rediscover.

After that, we will head to the Pyramids and the Sphinx. We begin with the Great Pyramid, the supreme emblem of ancient Egypt. No matter how many times you go to Egypt, the Great Pyramid is a magnet, drawing you back once more to gaze in awe and disbelief. Whether this is your first visit or a return, the mystery of the Great Pyramid remains. Who were the enlightened mathematicians who designed its dimensions? The master builders who supervised its construction? The skilled masons who cut and polished its giant stones? Why was it built? When was it built? For what purpose was it built? Its mute presence gives only tiny fragments of ground upon which to build an educated guess of its mysterious origin. However, as with anything mysterious, the secret will be revealed to you in good time.

After breakfast, we will head to Cairo airport to fly to Kharga. Upon arrival, we will be transported to Dakhla oasis. This is one of the most beautiful Oases in Egypt. It is surrounded by pink cliffs and acres of gardens filled with hot springs, mulberry trees, date palms, figs and citrus fruits. The word oasis conjures images of rest and relaxation – a sanctuary where you can renew yourself. The Dakhla Oasis is just that – an unspoilt refuge from the modern world, a pocket of civilizations set in the dramatic landscapes of the Sahara Desert. Upon arrival you will check into the fabulous Shanda Lodge & Spa – a Nubian/Saharan style desert lodge featuring clusters of buildings with typical domes and arches in warm sunset colours complimented by lush gardens. Shanda Lodge & Spa is the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, nature, culture, and comfort. 

Here is also where your workshop and mastermind programs will commence in complete synchronisation with the excursions and activities. 

After early morning meditation, yoga and breakfast, we will head out to  explore the magical mud-brick town of Al’Qasr where you can wander past mud-brick houses, through a labyrinth of alleyways just wide enough to fit a donkey cart. This is a scene straight out of 1001 Arabian Nights! Little has changed in this traditional village since medieval times and Al’Qasr will give you an idea of how they used to live in these desert towns thousands of years ago. We will then return to the lodge for lunch and Conscious Manifestation Workshop.

In the afternoon, we will take a camel ride into the nearby dune fields for an opportunity to relish the silence of the dunes. Amongst these big mountains of sand you will explore the quietest territories of your being. Then enjoy a most magical sunset before heading back to Shanda Lodge.

After meditation, yoga and an early breakfast, we will explore Deir Al-Hagar, a small temple which was originally dedicated to the Theban Triad – Amon-Re, Mut and Khonsu but was later converted into a Coptic monastery. Deir al-Hagar can be translated as “Monastery of Stone”, and in ancient times this lone temple in the desert was called Setweh, “Place of Coming Home”. After being buried in debris and sand for many centuries the temple has been uncovered, restored and partially reconstructed. You will notice many Greek inscriptions and graffito written by early travellers who wanted to record their visits to this sacred place. The sanctuary was decorated with a magnificent astronomical ceiling which had pained reliefs including an arching figure of the goddess Nut, representing the sky and the god Geb, who symbolized the earth.

In the centre of the ceiling, the god Osiris is represented by the constellation of Orion, while other astronomical features are represented by various deities whose task was to Maintain the universe. The zodiac ceiling from the sanctuary has been assembled for viewing outside the temple building. Such a scene is unique in temple sanctuary decoration. You will have a guided tour of the temple then you will return to Shanda Lodge for lunch and an afternoon at our own leisure and even schedule a swim in the Hot Spring. We will head back to Shanda Lodge Hotel to enjoy BBQ Dinner with Bedouin folklore Show.

After meditation and yoga and an early breakfast at Shanda Lodge, we will be transfer to Kharga Oasis. Upon arrival, we will visit the temple of Hibis, the Christian tombs of Bagawat and then the old town of kharga drive to visit the angora fortress area. Then drive to Kharga airport to fly to Aswan via Cairo.


The morning will find us on board the cruise heading to Aswan. Then we will fly to Abu Simble to visit Abu Simbel Temple. 

There we will practise a meditation to to align our mind, body and soul.

In the afternoon, we will head into Aswan where we will go into the Temple of Philae and enjoy a tour by felucca around Elephantine Island & the Botanical Garden.

Lunch will be served on board of the cruise. Once we’ve completed our Finish the visits, we will enjoy a dinner & overnight on board of the cruise in Aswan.

After our daily rituals of yoga and meditation, we set sail to Kom Ombo where we will have breakfast on board of our cruise. We will visit the Temple shared by two gods Sobek & Haeroris in Kom Ombo. We then set sail to Efdu and have lunch on board. We will visit the Horus Temple in Edfu – the historical equivalent of Jesus Christ. Then we set sail to Luxor via Esna

Our mastermind continues until dinner on board of the cruise where we will be entertained by a Galabia Party after Dinner. We will spend the night in our 5* hotel in Luxor. 

AT 02 AM we will start To experience Karnak Temple in the hours just before sunrise is special and private setting. We will walk in silence amongst papyrus and lotus columns, broken statues and shrines and then take an unpaved road, off the beaten track, to an exquisite little temple that houses the sanctuary of the lioness-goddess Sekhmet. There we will do a group meditation by the Warrior Goddess. One by one we will enter the dark chamber where a slender, human-sized black basalt statue of the goddess stands alone and upright against the back wall. She is known as the “powerful one”, the third eye of the sun god Ra, whose solar eyes symbolise the one who gained enlightenment through the controlled use of power.

Seated cross-legged on the stone floor in Front of Sekhmet proceed with pranayama and meditation,

Afterwards when the light begins to shimmer in the east, we will walk back to the hypostyle hall of Amen-Ra and unroll our yoga mats amongst the giant lotus pillars and obelisks.

We will then return to our cruise for breakfast.

We shall proceed with the visits of the East Bank of the Nile including the Temple of Karnak & the Temple of Luxor and transfer to our 5* cruise where our transformational mastermind continues before and after lunch and dinner. 

Meditation, yoga then breakfast then disembarkation from the cruise and venture to The Valley of Kings, The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahari and the two colossi of Memnon. We will then head  to Hurghada by bus where we will check into our hotel in Gouna and spend an evening of leisure. 

After meditation, yoga and breakfast, we have arranged a number of activities which you may choose from: kite surfing or mountain climbing and overnight fire camping under the veil of the stars. 

After meditation, yoga and breakfast, this day is yours for fun, contemplation and reflection. Even shopping! 

After meditation, yoga and breakfast, we make our way back to Cairo for our final night and for the Full Moon Ho’oponopono ceremony. 

Meditation, yoga and breakfast and a safe transfer to Cairo airport to catch our flights back home a completely transformed being from the one that had left. 



Once you’ve booked your place on the retreat, you will join us on a weekly live workshop to prepare you for your journey. This will include learning basic Egyptian words and phrases as well as instructions on developing your cultural awareness. The workshops are designed to help you get the best out of this journey and we are committed to making this the journey of your many lifetimes. 

Your bonuses will also include a journal designed to coach you through every stage of your magical transformation. We have taken care of every detail so that you could focus on only one thing: Rising Like A Goddess.


What People Say About Us

"Venus is a gifted, professional, dedicated and extremely insightful coach. The challenging dialogues and the level of commitment it implies have, just after a few weeks, proven to help me take giant steps in both my professional and personal life."
"Meeting Venus literally changed my life. Growing up, I struggled with all the usual teenage problems, but particularly with my identity, as I searched for my values and my place in the world. Guiding me, Venus helped me realise my purpose in life, and taught me how to unapologetically be myself. I am so grateful to have Venus as my mentor and coach. She ultimately taught me the importance of self-belief, sisterhood and spirituality in life, and I am continually amazed by her intellect, intuition and wisdom."
J Nullatamby
"Venus is a healer. She exists to empower and to raise anyone who needs raising. She took us on a journey through Egypt for 3 weeks and it was the most unforgettable journey of my life. I was not the same person when I returned from this journey. I became truly powerful through a transformation that happened so quickly and so easily. She is truly gifted."
R. Riszallah
CEO of IT Company
"You just want to be in Venus' company. I felt seen, and heard like she could see through into my soul. She is authentic and possesses a powerful mind and a great intuitive powers. A person of great energy who is not afraid to delve deep in search of truth."
"Venus has accepted on herself the mission of guiding people to discover their best selves and to help them reveal that self in their life. She translates ancient traditions, synthesises them with modernity and turns them into ways to connect with the divine self."
Lee W.
"Venus is my role model. She has mentored me into becoming more confident within myself and with others. With so much kindness and empathy throughout her training and sharing so much of her experience with us, I feel so lucky to have learnt so much and grown under her mentorship. I owe my new positive well-being to her kindred spirit."
Afia A
"I feel the Divine Feminine singing through Noelani and she truly embodies the love she preaches with every word and cord. My favourite is E Ho Mai song as the presence and flow it shares while on video touches my spirit so deeply."
Wailani Maika'i
"Noelani, you are a beautiful soul and you've got an angel's voice. Mahalo for bringing so much joy into my life!"

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