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The Venus Souls Philosophy

Whether you’re a man or a woman, Venus is the energy of your inner unapologetic beauty, abundance, nurture and balance. Ultimately, it is what we hunger and what we strive for within ourselves and in others, too. It is the essence of our dreams. 

The Universe’s message is clear: You are here because you need to be. All your familiar habits and patterns have gotten you this far but you’re still miles away from where you want to be. 

It’s time you asked:

Who do I need to become in order to experience this life I desire?

What in m needs to shift so I can become Venusian and I can welcome the magnificent abundance into my life?

There is a Venus inside of you waiting for its energy to be activated. I am committed to helping you find the beauty within yourself and choosing to see its power in every aspect of your life allowing more beauty to rise and greet you. I’m committed to unleashing your inner creator who will make meaningful and beautiful experiences for yourself and others. 

You are here because you are ready to become. Now is the time to make life changing and transformative decisions. Now is the time to understand the responsibilities required of you as you move forward into a  new version of yourself that is yet unformed. 

The time is now to reach the fullest potential of your intentions and desires and to live passionately and abundantly. This will be the best investment in your self you’ve ever made and it will pour over and the benefit will touch all those you love. 

Seize the moment. It is time. Your time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.



Venus is a Strategic Intervention Life and Business Coach specialising in personal growth, healing relationships and supporting emerging entrepreneurs. She is a graduate of the Strategic Intervention Coaching Institution where she was trained by the father of Strategic Intervention Life Coach himself: Tony Robbins and Dr. Cloe Madanes, the ultimate authority on this transformative approach that combines psychotherapy, .CBT and other holistic strategies. 

Venus’ background is diverse and eclectic. Despite a troubled childhood and a journey ridden with trauma, she has arrived at the other side full of love and living the abundant life of her dreams. Now she wishes the same for those whom have given up on themselves lately. When she’s not coaching private clients, she is coaching autistic teens and young adults. She is also an academic researcher in Transpersonal Psychology but she does make time for  play with her two teenage sons. To Venus, life is magic that is constantly unfolding before her eyes and she intends to take it all in with passion and help others do the same.

What Could You Do If You Knew You Were Unstoppable?

Imagine a life where nothing could limit your potential. Strategic Intervention Coaching will give you the tools and strategies to:

Discover Your Life Purpose

Everyone has a life purpose. Everyone. But if you don't know where you're going you'll never get there. No one stumbles upon success by accident.

Develop Stronger Bonds

Break the trance of toxic relationships and learn how to create strong, meaningful and beautiful bonds.

Create Vibrant Health

Break your unhealthy habits. Learn how to create long-lasting change to your nutrition and fitness and cultivate energy and vitality.

Find Financial Freedom

You are never completely free until you have financial freedom. Learn the strategies of wealth creation.

Tried & Tested

Being able to help people is a privilege. Being able to do it well is a gift.

Venus will empower you. She will inject you with so much self belief and truth about yourself that you will come out and do things and say things you have never dreamed you could say or do! She will bring your fire back to life. And best of all she'll do it with so much love, laughter and loyalty. I am a proud Amazonian Queen Warrior.
Sam Toman
Venus is my role model. She has mentored me into becoming more confident within myself and with others. With so much kindness and empathy throughout her training and sharing so much of her experience with us, I feel so lucky to have learnt so much and grown under her mentorship. I owe my new positive well-being to her kindred spirit.
Afia Asim
Associate Teacher
I've known Venus for years and I've witnessed first-hand how she empowers women of all ages. She has a natural ability in recreating herself after difficult and challenging times and her gift to others is showing them how it's done. That's her purpose in life. And she does it with so much humour, love and integrity.
Louise. Vammonde

Why Contact Venus Souls?

  • You want an abundance of wealth, health and love in your life
  • You want REAL and SUSTAINABLE change and transformation
  • You are feeling ‘stuck’ in multiple areas in your life and you want to get unstuck
  • You are fed up of suffering from depression and anxiety 
  • You want to discover your true authentic self
  • You want to find your true purpose in life
  • You want to form healthy, meaningful, long-lasting relationships
  • You want to achieve true liberation and freedom
  • You want to become a Venus Soul.

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