7 Steps to Radical Self Love Course

Your Map to Healing, RADICAL Love and Abundance

Here is some of what you will get on this course:

❤️ You will understand what makes someone an abusive partner and why you could not save them no matter how hard you tried.

❤️  You will understand why narcissists and similar abusers are so effective at targeting their victims (hence why their typical victims are smart, decent people)

❤️  You will understand why you were a target for narcissists and/or other abusers and how to identify traits that make someone susceptible. 

❤️  You will learn how to create a shield of self-love that is impenetrable by anyone who is not right for you.

❤️  You will learn how to live a life that is aligned with who you truly are.

❤️  You will learn how to live a life that cultivates personal achievement, psychological health and loving, long lasting relationships.

❤️  You will learn how to live a life where you feel empowered, free and able to express yourself most powerfully.

❤️  You will receive daily practises that will empower and fortify you in your new way of being.

House of Venus

Home of Transformation

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This Course is for you if...

〽️ You feel broken after having suffered a toxic or abusive relationship in the past

〽️ You have noticed a pattern in the women/ men you attract and you wish to break free from this toxicity

〽️ You know you deserve better than to allow this to happen again

〽️ The idea of finding the right partner for you scares you or overwhelms you

〽️ You are stuck between fear of trying again and fear of being single for the rest of your life

〽️ You are unable to break free from obsessive thoughts about your ex abusive partner

〽️ You are desperate for clarity about who you are and where your life is going

What My Clients Say

Are you ready to transform your life?

About Venus Souls

Venus Souls possesses a unique blend of qualities, skills and qualifications that enable her clients to heal, to feel empowered, to be free and healed from whatever trauma is holding them back,  and to be fully self expressed and well versed in all matters to do with love and relationships. With a background in mental health, various branches of psychology, an MA, an MPhil, and a degree in Clinical Psychology, she offers a multi-disciplinary approach ,that is wholesome and holistic, to dealing with and healing mental health issues caused by childhood and adult traumas that get in the way of being and communicating the language of love.

Venus works with singles and couples of all genders. As well as being a published author and writer, she also enjoys the creative arts such as photography and jewellery making and designing. She also plays with astrology, philosophy, ontology and metaphysics in her spare time (what spare time!). 

Venus is an innovative disruptor who believes that the current modelling of leadership is changing faster than anyone could keep up and it is too late to repackage old existing leadership packages and mindsets in shiny wrappings and clever names. The secret to transformational female leadership lies in soulful leadership: the alignment of the inner core of the leader (their higher purpose) with the mission at the heart of their business.

Soulful leadership is the new transformational narrative: it is the purposeful journey guided by the inner awakening of the leader who faithfully and diligently considers their mindset and behaviours and takes conscious decisions to ensure the ongoing prosperity and wellbeing of all involved – the leader, organisation, people (employees, teams, clients, communities), and the planet. The secret to any effective, inspirational and impactful leadership lies in the soul of the leader and their ability to convey and utilise this infinite resource of soulful energy to their teams and organisations. 

Venus helps her clients attain greater authenticity, confidence, wellbeing and an empowered sense of innovation that enables them to navigate effectively and successfully in environments that are increasingly and rapidly becoming volatile and ambiguous, particularly for female leaders worldwide.

Venus has over 15 years of experience working with international business leaders and entrepreneurs, successfully coaching them into the next levels of their executive careers. 

As well as  founding and running Venus Souls Ltd., Venus is a PhD researcher at Birkbeck University focussing on Transpersonal and Jungian psychology. She has an MA from the University of Essex. She believes herself to be a lifelong learner and is always on a journey to better herself and transfer her learning, knowledge and experience on to her clients. 

In her free time, she coaches autistic young adults and is a public speaker on all subjects related to women. One of her proudest moments was delivering a speech in Swedish Parliament reflecting on the state of women’s affairs in the Middle East after the Arab Spring.

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