40 Lessons at 40

Lesson #40

By Venus Souls

It’s finally here. I’m 40 days away from reaching the 40th time the earth has made a complete orbit around the sun in my lifetime. What does this mean? It means that I’ve reached that sage age that is characterised by deep contemplation and introspection and I want to share with you the 40 most profound lessons I’ve learnt on my journey so far. 

Without further ramblings, here is the 40th lesson:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

One of the first things I established at the beginning of my journey was this simple truth: that we are on a journey. And since my experience was very I-centric, I established that I was the heroine of my own journey. Except… What the Freud?! How do I work this thing called life?! Where are the controls? Who’s got them?Why aren’t mine working? Why are my brothers’ working better than mine? Why can’t I control mine like they could control theirs? Why is it so damn hard…

I’ve been having these conversations as early as I could remember. I’m happy to report that the questions have evolved somewhat and reflect the progress I have made in my findings to date. However the line of enquiry which I share with all curious beings since Day One remains the same said in a variety of tones modes and languages: Why are we here? And when will the mothership find me?

I came across the de Chardin quote at the age of 17. My dad had shown me a book about dreams and their interpretations (not Freud’s) and this quote was pasted on the first page. At the time it was attributed to ‘anonymous’ but it seems the man behind the words has been found since as well as a treasure trove of more of his books and words of wisdom.

I stared at the quote for a long time reading and rereading it, absorbing what the writer had meant. It had been and still continues to be the most profound statement I had ever read. Suddenly the blueprint of my beliefs, values and references had all been rewritten. It was from this statement and from that moment on that I was going to continue my real journey knowing that this human form is only temporary – the first undeniable truth – and that the main theme of my journey was to discover how marvellous we are as a species. 

If this form was temporary and we were indeed spiritual beings having a human experience, then how magical and supernatural must we be? We may not see it from day to day or even realise it, but this experience which we take for granted is most extraordinary. Furthermore, there is a positive correlation between how extraordinary we believe it to be and how it reflects the extraordinary back to us. 

I wonder if this is how Newton felt when the apple dropped. 

And if we were once spiritual beings who decided to arrive on this planet in human form, what was our purpose? What was our intention? Surely it wasn’t to destroy life but to create it. 

Are we conscious creations capable of creating, looking inwards into our own creation to bring outwards the magical divine of the power of creation?  

There is little doubt that this is true. Therefore, there is little doubt that we, in fact, are truly extraordinary magical creations who have not been put here haphazardly or pointlessly or aimlessly but for a specific purpose and mission and duty. 

It’s taken me almost 40 years to figure my gift and purpose out BUT figuring it out or even practising it was never the point.

The point was the journey and what it entailed. To go through the journey and find out who I was as the heroin of that journey and what value I could add to this precious thing called life. 

When you truly believe in the magic of the journey, the magic never fails to show up. And what a magical journey it has been so far. I’m happy to share more of it with you. 

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