40 Lessons at 40

Lesson #30

By Venus Souls

I was moving over the weekend and somewhere between the heavy lifting and the process of transforming the chaos of old into a new order in a new home, I stared at my set of keys which had been growing over the past year in particular into a sizeable and heavy bunch that included all sorts. Sheds, a car, a new flat, an old flat, a classroom, postboxes… Some old keys which I fail to recognise, perhaps from another lifetime… Different cuts, different shapes and weights… 

I thought about how keys symbolise opportunities and success in our modern culture and are even a talisman for good luck. They symbolise power to open doors and close them, too. We often talk about how the ‘key’ to this is that. We use the word ‘key’ to describe notes in music as well as the parts of the musical instruments themselves. 

A key opens up something we want, something we need. It unlocks something to release something marvellous. Even in Arabic, the word ‘muftah’ connotes ‘to open’. 

“They key of persistence opens all door closed by resistance ” 

— John Di Lemme

But looking at my growing bunch of keys I also saw and felt the weight of growing responsibilities in my life. How, for every key I have in my chain, I had worked very hard to get it and had to keep working hard to maintain and keep it. 

Life is not short of opportunities for success, abundance and continuous growth and getting the key is actually the easy part. The real heavy lifting starts after you get it.

I think about all the keys I’ve lost over the years as well as the ones I’ve gained. How I keep them all in one set so that I don’t lose them. 

One of my strongest values is that I see myself as the protector of my family and so looking after my keys is about protecting them. Even this seemingly small act of looking after my set of keys is part of my deep value system; that I will not put myself or my children at risk if it can be helped.

Of course I have had my fair share of mishaps. I locked my car keys inside my car once. That day I discovered my saintly mum could break into a car using a clothes’ hanger! I believe she’s the one who passed on this great value to me.

You will always be told how you must seize opportunities for success but little is ever shared with us about how to make it and keep it. Goals are often shortsighted and aim for temporary results that could be delivered quickly and easily. But nothing worthwhile is ever achieved this way and whatever is achieved is short-lived.

Now I look at my heavy set of keys to remind myself that with patience, continuous and consistent hard work armed with a passionate set of strong values, I will eventually get the keys I want and let go of the ones I do not need anymore. 

What key do you dream of possessing? 

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